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The bureauxs client must also be a RAJAR subscriber. Eventually, Caroline left 558kHz and moved to 819kHz. They were keen to see what this heating was like, with a view to installing it in their own home. On 1 January 2016, a second channel was launched called Caroline Flashback, playing pop music from the late 1950s to the early 1980s. Owner: Planet Sales Ltd. First air date: 1964. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. won't sell abortion pills in 20 states after warnings by Republican attorneys general of legal action, a decision that limits the medication's . "Between December 26 and December 30, 1973, a friend and I went to Holland for a few days. We arranged to meet the Caroline tender to go out to the ship but no one turned up. Radio Caroline was off the air for most of the 1990s, except for occasional low-power broadcasts of one month. Radio Caroline is a British station from London. Caroline can also be listened to over the internet including via music players such as Amazon echo (Alexa). BBC Radio 2 has the best radio audience figures in the UK, with a reach of almost 14.58 million per week. The station was opened by DJ Tom Anderson, who had said "goodbye" from the sinking Mi Amigo in 1980. To complete my story, I have to tell you that all this motivated me highly to assist the Dutch Caroline organization. They included Blackburn, who became the first to broadcast on Radio 1. Since Radio Caroline could not find enough advertising, it shared its nominal 259-metre wavelength (actually 1187kHz or 253 metres) with Dutch-language pop stations. [30] Radio Caroline returned to the air on 15 April 1979. [21] It was not until RNI returned to its original anchorage off the Netherlands that the jamming ceased. Belgian courts sentenced Tack and some DJs to fines and jail in absentia, although the prison terms were later cancelled. Yet another source of income is gifts from listeners, making the listeners still very important for the Lady's survival. The Government argued that the pirate operation was a danger because of the possibility of the radio frequency interfering with emergency shipping channels. Nice to think about Dixie Peach, too. Three British nationals, a Dutchman and their canary (named Wilson after the former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson) were rescued. [6], Smedley was charged with Calvert's murder on 18 July, but this was reduced to a charge of manslaughter. Since November 2009 Radio Seagull can be heard periodically on 558kHz in London. The Fredericia was renamed MV Caroline and anchored off Felixstowe, Suffolk, where it began test transmissions on Friday, 27 March 1964. Most Read. During the same quarter, on BBC Sounds there were a total of 162m plays of. It's Source of your ultimate Entertainment. [39] Caroline returned to the air using a makeshift aerial with a less powerful signal. And that means that people's work schedules are significant drivers of the hourly flow of listening throughout the day. Total listening hours for Talkradio were up 23% compared to the last quarter to reach 5.7m hours each week, while Times Radio's listening hours were up 16% to 3.6m hours weekly. Knowing the lads at Caroline it was probably drunk and a replacement bought. In May 2017, Ofcom awarded the station an AM band community licence to broadcast to Suffolk and north Essex;[3] full-time broadcasting, via a previously redundant BBC World Service transmitter mast at Orford Ness, commenced on 22 December 2017.[4]. To allow Radio Mi Amigo to continue broadcasting by day, the engineering work for Caroline's move had to be carried out over six nights, after the 50kW transmitter was switched off. Listen live to the world famous Radio Caroline on your iOS device. On 31 July 2014 the ship was moved to the Blackwater Estuary in Essex.[47]. "[41] In a 1995 article for the pressure group Charter88, Steve McGann commented: "Whether Caroline was right to maintain her defiance for so many years is irrelevant. (Anderson): It's not a very good occasion really, we have to hurry this because the lifeboat is standing by. [17] The Manx parliament, the Tynwald, attempted to exclude the North ship from the legislation, appealing to the European Court on the legality of the act being applied to the Isle of Man. However, in July 1964, the owners of the two stations opted to merge the operations. The only singer to stay overnight, she helped present programmes, make jingles, and close the station at night.[15]. We . The Radio Caroline name was used to broadcast from international waters, using five different ships of three different owners, from 1964 to 1990, and via satellite from 1998 to 2013 (pictured:. His programme, which airs five days a week, rose from 4.3 million to 4.5 million listeners between the . This was all in the 1970's. Caroline coming in to pick up her pilot. The four-week event was funded through on-air local business commercials. Smedley later withdrew from the deal. To accommodate the second aerial, a second short mast, just in front of the bridge, was employed as the other end of the aerial fixed to the main mast. From its two vantage points, Radio Caroline's presenters who included future BBC stalwart Tony Blackburn and Tory MP Roger Gale regaled Britons with pop songs which they could only hear on conventional stations for a few hours a week. [35], The Ross Revenge was larger than Mi Amigo and with more elaborate transmitting equipment: in 1983, two 5kW RCA transmitters and a RCA 50kW unit. This page was last edited on 1 March 2023, at 16:42. Her latest opera, The Listeners, is a psychological nail-biter set in southern California. After the MOB became law on August 15, 1967, we had to wait a long time for new offshore radio stations to arrive although we did have our Caroline stations up till March 1968. In 1976, The Loving Awareness Band released their only album, Loving Awareness on More Love Records (ML001), a label set up by O'Rahilly. This was not because they wanted to buy a house, but because the ones on the new estate had been constructed with an innovative type of central heating, which blew hot air through ducts under the floor. [6], Financial backing for the venture came from six investors, including John Sheffield, chairman of Norcross, Carl "Jimmy" Ross of Ross Foods, and Jocelyn Stevens of Queen magazine, with which Radio Caroline shared its first office. The first was a Belgian station called Radio Atlantis, owned by Belgian businessman Adriaan van Landschoot. BBC Radio 4 had 10.48m listeners with 6.62m tuning in for The Today programme (Mon-Sat). At one time both stations were even claiming more than 8.8 million listeners each. [34] It had an antenna system radiating from a 300-foot (91m) high mast, the tallest on any ship in the world. That this House expresses its disappointment that, having pioneered commercial radio in the UK and for the past decade being a fully licensed broadcaster, Radio Caroline, a cornerstone of British radio history, has been denied by OFCOM the opportunity to secure a medium wave frequency from which to broadcast; regrets that as a result its devoted listeners are confined to listening to Radio Caroline via the internet and unable to enjoy its musical offerings in transit; and calls on OFCOM to exhaust all avenues in making the provisions available for Radio Caroline to celebrate its 50th birthday in 2014 by broadcasting on a medium wave frequency which, it appears, is unwanted by both BBC and commercial operators as a broadcast platform. During mid-August 1989, authorities in several European countries carried out coordinated raids on houses, recording studios and offices believed to be used by Caroline. Radio Caroline Listeners' Top 100 Album Chart 1977 In late 76 listeners were invited to send in their top 10 all-time favourite albums, from which the chart was compiled. News at peak hours: 7, 8, 9am, 1pm; 5, 6, 7pm, with headlines at 6:30am, 7:30am and 8:30am. Alan even worked with Bob at Radio 1 on. Listening on an internet radio or webplayer In March 1968, the very existence of Radio Caroline was threatened when both the MV Caroline and Mi Amigo were boarded and seized before being towed to Amsterdam by a salvage company to secure unpaid bills owed to a Dutch firm. The crew of the Sheerness lifeboat Helen Turnbull were commended for the rescue of broadcasters Tom Anderson, Stevie Gordon, Nick Richards and Hans Verlaan from Mi Amigo while it was sinking in the Black Deep near Long Sand Bank. [54] Surveys in 2008 and 2010 showed a small percentage listened via Sky, and that satellite listening had dropped by 9% since 2008, while online listening had increased by around 40%. However, in October 1987 a massive storm hit southern England, causing deaths and severe damage. Presentations were made to US advertising agencies. Within months, the unlicensed operation had merged with another station broadcasting from a separate boat near the Isle of Man. Although most broadcasting staff left at that time, some remained for a year as caretakers while funding and equipment were sought. A "D" and an "I" from the phrase RADIO CAROLINE (painted as a, "Hearthammer" by the Scottish folk rock band. The appetite for dance music is thriving with both Heart Dance and Capital Dance celebrating record listening figures. Many people, of a certain age, still associate Radio Caroline with the pop music of the 60s & 70s. In Happy Birthday Tony Blackburn: 80 Poptastic Years on Radio 2, Dermot O'Leary will talk to Tony about his life and career and surprises him with . On 2 July 1964, Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline's companies, Project Atlanta and Planet Productions, announced the stations were to merge, with Crawford and O'Rahilly as joint managing directors. Later, some programmes were pre-recorded on land and broadcast simultaneously from both ships. Broadcasting Hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 12 midnight to 2a.m. Average weekday audience figures per quarter hour (in 000s). We are a small team and you can find out here who the best person to contact is regarding any query. On 18 August, a British government chartered ship pulled up alongside the Ross Revenge and asked to board to "discuss the future" of the Ross Revenge and the stations operating from it. Radio Caroline's transmission output was almost 20kW, achieved by linking two 10kW Continental Electronics transmitters. From there Bert Alting wrote: "in the mid-1970's I was living partly on a little room on the loft of a house and in the early evenings I tried never to miss the close-down of Radio Mi Amigo Caroline's sister station in those days and the daily opening of Radio Caroline. Radio Caroline - 2. [60], From 31 March to 27 April 2014, a Caroline North tribute station, based on the Planet Lightship berthed in the Albert Dock complex on Liverpool's waterfront, broadcast locally on 87.7FM and on the internet.

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