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2023      Mar 14

In 1889 a structure was built that would go on to become one of Denvers most haunted houses. The most haunting reports tell of strange shadows and misty figures that seem to wander through the park in confusion! Thomas B. Croke built this gorgeous mansion in 1890, but he only ever went inside once. In the 1980s, some friends all came to this park together and played pranks on each other. Hotel Colorado, located in Glenwood Springs, was built in 1891 during Colorados mining boom and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Taking a moment to peer through Denver's pleasant faade reveals a number of dark locations with sinister pasts. Rumored to be built on Native American burial grounds, the airport has been rumored to be the site of everything from Illuminati headquarters to secret underground bunkers for alien experiments. At these spots, mysterious footsteps, voices and even apparitions and figures have become the norm. And just a few years later the town of Teller City . The saloons, hotels, and gambling halls that were once a place of respite for travelers could be turned into some of the most interesting reclaimed wood. Now the Inn is a beautiful bed and breakfast, countless people have been able to enjoy. As the story goes, the building caught on fire in 1888 and several children there were killed. Lets talk about 10 creepy haunted places in Denver. I even contacted, Flying is already pretty stressful. The website also claims that children have been seen playing in the park during the night before they mysteriously disappear and a woman is said to be seen singing to herself, before she too, suddenly vanishes. If these buildings are ever salvaged for reclaimed wood, it will be bittersweet. Theres also a story of a woman in a wedding gown who has been seen on the stairs. Many Colorado natives would be honored to have a piece of the reclaimed wood in their homes, but historians would shutter at their peril. It is from here that the front desk receives prank phone calls, despite the room remaining empty. Location:605 Grand Ave, Del Norte, CO 81132. Caribou was established in order to house and serve miners working at the silver mine of the same name. (Fun fact: The property was purchased for $3,500 in 1911 and was sold for $5.4 billion in 2014)!!! At one point in time it housed two of the citys most important and prominent families. In November 2008, during initial construction of a new parking structure for the Denver Botanic Gardens between York and Josephine Streets, human bones and parts of coffins were unearthed, and in November 2010, workers digging trenches for a Cheesman Park irrigation system unearthedfour skeletons. The grounds became a park in 1890, and the family members of people buried there were asked to move their loved ones remains. Still standing behind Lakeside Amusement Park the bleachers that once held race fans back in the day is festooned with history like all reclaimed wood is. VictorA lot of people would pay big for views like the ones from this gold mine, which last operated in 1961. Piano keys moving without anyone touching the piano have also been reported. The history of the Denver Public Library stretches all the way back to 1889. Many have also claimed to sight ghostly apparitions walking through the park late at night. To add even more to the odd ghosts in this hotel, witnesses have seen and heard a string quartet practicing their routines. The librarys basement is said to be haunted by an unknown person (though some versions say its a former librarian). You can get an up-close look at this and many other old mining sites in the area by hiking the Vindicator Valley Trail system. A ghost is often sighted on the main floor and on the staircase, and Mr. Patterson himself has been seen on the grounds surrounding the home. Its hard to explain why we love and are fascinated by abandoned places and urban decay. Which ghost towns are near what Colorado towns? Theres usually a dose of skepticism that comes with any ghost story, of course, but this is one of the most vague legends Ive ever researched. allegedly haunted. Late-working secretaries and cleaning personnel report seeing her all around the building, gliding silently down the corridors and staircases. I dont know if this statue is really home to a ghost, but can you blame people for wondering? And some of its former students may have never left campus. Today, the spirits are said to haunt the park. In the first story, the male politician was caught in an affair but chose his wife over his mistress. Since the stature of those buried didnt weight heavy on the living, more than 5,000 unclaimed corpses remained in the ground for removal. Founded in the tail end the first World War in 1918, the Fitzsimons Army Hospital is a once abandoned medical facility located on 577 acres of land . But some people believe the apparition is actually of Marys daughter, Margery. Whether thats true or not, the stories dont end there. The 14,000 square foot Croke Patterson Mansion was built in 1890 by Thomas B. Croke on Denvers Capitol Hill. Grant-Humphreys Mansion, located in Denver, was built in 1902 for the third Governor of Colorado,James Benton Grant, who lived in the mansion with his wife,Mary Matteson Goodell. During a renovation in the 1970s, workers reported that construction projects that were completed were undone overnight. If you are looking to come face to face with Denvers Tool Man, book a stay at the haunted Hotel Teatro at 1100 14th Street. It's currently serving as an office building. From what I could find, no human remains have ever been found in the house, even during extensive renovations that turned it into the boutique hotel it is today. Travelers and employees experience unusual activity, sounds, and an uneasy feeling. Address: Dearfield, CO 80644, USA The OIYS Visitor Center The Creepiest Abandoned Town In Colorado September 22, 2019 Nikki Rhoades What other abandoned places are there in Colorado? J.J. transferred the house title into his wifes name in 1888, and it remained in her possession until her death in 1932. People who spend time at the park hear whispering, moaning, while others feel an overall sense of dread or sadness. But there are also quite a few ghosts and legends in this capital city. This paranormal entity is a bit of a schoolyard bully, who tries to push people down the stairs. But seriously, theres something so utterly eerie yet oddly hopeful about industrial wastelands. St. Elmo, a Colorado ghost town near Buena Vista By: Staff Writer Updated: May 10, 2022 Everywhere you look in Denver there seems to be something new being built, but away from the city, Colorado is filled with relics from the past: from mills that inspire urban legends about lingering ghosts, to dark tunnels that lead to the unknown, these are the eight most insane abandoned places in Colorado. Please leave your valid email address below. Youll find Cheeseman Park at 8th Ave & N Williams Street. HauntedHouses.comclaims that since then, Albert still resides in the mansion in his ghost form due to the nature of his untimely death! The Denver Public Library actually has a large basement in its lower levels, which help to store these many rare and out of print books. Created by the silver boom of Colorado in the 1880s only to become a leasing home by a survivor of one of the most devastating maritime disasters in modern history, this enchanting manor has seen countless people come and go. The ghost of a bride that haunts the Denver Childrens Home. Nationwide Delivery Available | Free Shipping! Updated: Jan 21, 2022. After this, people went down to the basement to look for the babys remains. Many believe that since her death, her spirit has returned to her former room. The 1892 wooden powerhouse is not only incredibly well-preserved, but it also happens to be among the most photographed places in the Rocky Mountains. Ghosts are spotted wandering around Capitol Hill streets and hanging out at the park. Or just cool places in town to check out. It was here that a Denver socialite lived from 1940 to 1955. McGovern, an undertaker, was elected toremove the remains, yet utilized child-sized coffins instead of adult-sized ones,sometimes using as many as three caskets for just one body. Silver was discovered southwest of Gould, Colorado, near Walden back in 1879. The baby had seemingly died of unknown causes and her mother, in a cloud of grief, buried the baby underneath the floorboards. Some ghosts dwell, within many of the buildings on Capitol Hill, including the Governors Mansion and the State Capitol buildings. (Dramatic, I know.). The second floor of the inn is haunted by a ghost named Carl, who murdered his wife after learning she had an affair, and the third floor of the inn is haunted by a little boy ghost, who can be heard running in the hallways late at night. The cemetery was transformed into a park when people stopped caring for the cemetery. Got any amazing abandoned places in Denver to share with us!? As the years have passed and the city has grown, some of those citizens apparently never left. Just down the road from Capitol Hill sits Prospect Hill Cemetery. Phantom voices and, Dunklee Hall, in the Lamont School of Music, is. The ghosts of Mollys mother and a rather angry looking butler have also been spotted on the premises. Was there really a fire at the Denver Orphans Home that killed innocent children? Staff and others claim to have heard footsteps, whispers, and felt cold spots throughout the mansion. The schools Mary Reed Building is said to be haunted by a ghost woman named Mrs. Dupont. Location:8136 S Brook Forest Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439. From 1890 to the 1970s, many people lived in the home after Mouat. (Another version says she exhumed her babys body and re-buried it in the basement walls.) Many have also reported sighting a man dressed in an old-time train conductor uniform hanging around the area where a train ticket booth once sat. Despite these harsh conditions, nine of the original structures remain, making this one of the best preserved ghost towns in the state. Still, people will report crying coming from the basement. 1. Though most of those sites are now privately owned and inaccessible to the public, this one in a rural area on the Eastern plains has been a favorite of urban explorers (and high school kids with six-packs and spray paint) for years. Mary Reed Hall is said to house the ghost of its namesake. There have been countless claims of disembodied voices within Cheesman Park, especially those of unhappy souls demanding visitors to leave. He apparently felt an evil presence in the home and refused to move in. Photograph courtesy of Legends of America, Location:300 Bennett Drive, Cripple Creek, CO 80813. The story of Margerys death is an odd one. Experience even more chilling abandoned locations by taking this Road Trip To Colorado's Most Abandoned Places. The theater first opened its doors as the Boulder Theateron January 9, 1936. Follow her @mollydbu on Instagram and Twitter. It's easy to see why - many ghosts are said to occupy the hotel. Ne, Investigating a haunted asylum thats so intense, A castle thats stood for centuries with a very. A door close to the elevator is always open, and if you enter the room, the door closes behind you after you leave. For a time, three were used for automobiles. Other entities exist within the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion, including a depressed bride who hanged herself on her wedding day named Elloise and a gentleman who smokes in the female bathrooms. One of the most fascinating abandoned places in Colorado that we can't get enough of is the old Wonder View Tower in Genoa. The Colorado State Capitol Building is purportedly haunted by several entities. He has been dubbed The Tool Man and is believed to have died in a tragic accident in the lower levels of the building whilst working on old trams. Personally, my theory is that these people accidentally tripped while going down the stairs, but were too embarrassed to admit they tripped over their own feet and made up the ghost story as cover. The building served as more than just a trading post; it was also a restaurant and bar. Paranormal activity within the home lied dormant until it began to host bars and restaurants through the 1960s and 70s. Strater Hotel, located in Durango, was built in 1887 by Henry Strater, and is aHistoric Hotel of America Member. Located on Colorados Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton the Red Mountain Ghost Town stands abandoned as a result of the closure of the National Bell Mine. Few of those guests have apparently, decided they would rather not leave. Shes dead. In order to increase his profits, McGovern supposedly hacked up many bodies and stuffed them into children sized coffins to create the illusion of removing a greater number of corpses. COLORADO GRANDE CASINO & HOTEL. It opened in 1858 and operated until the late 1880s when the decision was made to repurpose the land. But another version of the story says Margery was killed by her husband, who wanted her money. During the night, they jumped out of a third-floor window to their death. Many of the towns buildings were painted and after years of wear and tear the surface of the potential reclaimed wood is strikingly unique. Something knocking in the door. There is one story of two Doberman Pinschers who were left in the house overnight. Abandoned buildings in Nevadaville ghost town, near Central City, CO. Photo by: survived through decades of economic challenges, a fire ravaged everything in the community, historically significant and storied destinations, abandoned mining community south of Pikes Peak, Dining Guide at Denver International Airport. Colorado Grande Hotel & Casino, located in Cripple Creek, was built in 1896 and is considered a haunted dwelling. There are also spirits of children who are heard playing throughout the corridors and the cries of an upset baby that echo through the boiler room. These stirring images of the (now demolished) Gates Rubber Factory in Denver and the (former) Amalgamated Sugar Company just east of Longmont will leave you with all the spooky feels. 2WD cars will be fine for most, though, some require a high-clearance 44 or a hike-to-access. You see things run from room to room. Established in 1911, the Gates Corporation in Denver was once the world's largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial belts and hoses. Some of the attacks have been so frightening and violent, they have caused victims to immediately quit their jobs. In one of the rooms, guests have claimed that a womans ghost appears to be standing in the room. He also built the road from Lyons, over which he brought visitors, riding in a Stanley Steamer to Estes Park and The Stanley Hotel. When Thomas Croke had a home built for himself in 1890, he assumed he would live there for some time. Here are the ten most haunted places in Colorado. The postal worker apparently was on his way to take Christmas presents to kids and never arrived. Boulder Theater, located in Boulder, first opened in 1906 as home to the formerCurran Opera House, named after wealthy billboard sign owner JamesCurran. Many believe this sound to be the deceased Espinosa brothers looking for their heads. There were financial issues and some technical problems. Bodies continue to be unearthed by construction efforts in the area to this day. Year-round you can explore the best abandoned, old ghost towns in Colorado's Rocky Mountains and beyond. Animas Forks ghost town close to Silverton, CO. It is the bustling capital city of Colorado, rests nearby to the picturesque Rocky Mountains and contains many great museums. In 1891, Frank Edbrooke designed and helped build the Oxford Hotel. Visitors claim that they still sometimes hear her moaning and screaming! Lions Ground News Publishing claims that the hotel is haunted by a woman named Maude, that stopped at the Windsor Hotel during her travels throughthe San Luis Valley. We will inform you as soon as tickets become available. With the towns extensive history there would be doubt that the reclaimed wood would be centuries old and as authentic as one could get. Or was he underpaid in life and is still bitter about it? The famous Stanley Hotel, located near Denver in Estes Park, was Stephen King's inspiration for his book, "The Shining." Some high-elevation former mining camps are only accessible in the summer. Others have witnessed the ghost of a former waiter riding in the service elevator and the sound of a baby crying in the basement, which is also rather common for guests and employees. Stanley. The hauntings of Cheesman Park 2. Molly Brown was an eccentric personality known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic, but remembered for her humanitarian work, which dominated most of her life. Well, I guess it doesnt matter that much. Theres usually a dose of skepticism that comes with any ghost story, of course, but this is one of the most vague legends Ive ever researched. Also spelled Molkeri, this building was constructed in 1898 as either a health spa or tuberculosis hospital different sources said different things. The Story Behind Denvers Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares, Stay Away From Denvers Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry, This Haunted Museum Near Denver Will Terrify You In The Best Way Possible, The Haunted Trail Near Denver That Will Scare You Silly, Here Are The 10 Best Places To Spot A Ghost In Denver, 5 Haunted Hotels In Denver That Will Make Your Stay A Nightmare, These 12 Haunted Places In Denver Will Send Chills Down Your Spine, This Castle In Denver Has A Dark And Evil History That Will Never Be Forgotten. As the story goes, a medium holding a seance in the house in the 1980s sensed the presence of a dead child and a crying mom in the basement. Guests have reported phantom shadows and mists, disembodied voices and moans and unexplainable feelings of sadness or dread. It is this lower level that many believe is haunted by an aggressive entity. During its short stint as an asylum at the turn of the 20th century, Molkerei was said to have been somewhat of a house of horrors to its residents, resulting in the untimely death of many. The hotelsinterior features handcrafted woodwork, period wallpaper, and the largest collection of American Victorian walnut antiques. It's served as a resting place for the Beatles, was raided during Prohibition, and even once housed a secret tunnel that led to a brothel. You might see him if you camp in the area. Location:2032 14th St, Boulder, CO 80302. Two young women are known to have tragically died in the inn, and their murders were never solved. Psst The Stanley Hotel offers its guests Night Ghost Tours that take you tothe basement rooms of The Concert Hall and the famous tunnel after dark, where Flora and F.O. The closest ghost towns to Denver, CO are: Auraria Ninth Street Historic Park (<1mi) Mount Vernon (19mi) Apex (37mi) Russell Gulch (38mi) Nevadaville (38mi) Corona (44mi) Caribou (47mi) Ghost towns near Dillon The best ghost town to visit in Dillon is the one underneath its reservoir. These buildings could be some of the most amazingly preserved abandoned buildings in the entire state of Colorado. The future reclaimed wood is from the mine and the original jail. The State Capitol is haunted by a woman wearing a long dress, who wanders the halls at night after most of the staff has gone home. He's been giving tours since the 80's. He's also one of Denver's most unique and eccentric characters. However, based on an urban legend, Croke went into the home only once and vowed never to return. Cheesman Park is exactly that. People have also reported seeing Mollys ghost, But are these stories true? After his death in 1911, Goodell continued living in the mansion for another six years, until eventually selling it toAlbert E. Humphreys in 1917. Visitors now report apparitions of children as well as phantom voices, crying and whispering. Instead, he used children's coffins (which were less expensive), and hacked the bodies up to make them fit. Perched above the Crystal River, this mill was built in 1893 and operated as a powerhouse for the Sheep Mountain silver mine until 1917. It was originally built in 1911 to function as the Denver Tramway building, it later hosted the University of Denver and the Denver Center for Performing Arts before being retrofit in 1997 to became a hotel. Some of the patrons are said to still haunt the place today. One of the most commonly reported paranormal occurrences within the building is the sound of horses hooves trotting over the marble floors and up the main stair case. The oldest restaurant in Colorado was once a hang-out spot for cowboys, traders and miners - a rough group of men, many of whom suffered violent deaths. At this time, families were given a short window of time to claim the bodies of their loved ones, or theyd be removed less than ceremonially. Thomas Pattersons ghost has been spotted in the mansions courtyard, and a child has been seen playing in the stairway.

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