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2023      Mar 14

Senior members of the Comancheros gang purchased a catamaran and allegedly planned to rendezvous at sea with a "mothership" bringing large shipments of illicit drugs into New Zealand. It was the biggest drug bust in WA history and a day law enforcement officers . The Turkish-Australian holds dual citizenship, and despite being included in the NSW police most wanted persons list and having an Interpol arrest warrant against his name, Turkey does not extradite its citizens. Ayik, subbed one of the world's most prolific drug-smuggling masterminds, was later detained in Cyprus but then escaped and fled to Turkey, where he has created a new life. The Cannon Hill man was charged with six offences including two counts of trafficking, one count of carrying a weapon in public and one count of supplying drugs. Several of the people arrested are linked to the Comancheros gang. This is a high-value criminal sponsoring a criminal communications system,' Australian Federal Police Superintendent Jared Taggart told News Corp papers. The covert surveillance led to the termination of dozens of search warrants on Monday and a swathe of arrests putting a heavy dent in the criminal drug trade here and preventing the Comancheros earning millions of dollars from narcotics. 'THEY ARE COMPROMISED, LIARS AND YOUR DATA IS RUNNING VIA USA'. Hakan Ayik with a lingerie-clad companion.Credit: The goods were shipped from overseas to Australia's ports, where dodgy wharfies would turn a blind eye to the cargo for the right reward. Officers search the black sports bag containing nearly $8 million worth of drugs stored in the cargo hold. Pasilika Naufahu and Connor . National Organised Crime Group director detective superintendent Greg Williams described Operation Trojan Shield as one of the most sophisticated law enforcement operations ever undertaken "in the global fight against organised crime". 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Micalizzi, who sat down at the back of the six seater, slept most of the time, Santos says, and spoke to him only to ask when they would arrive. Police have arrested 12 more people today as part of Operation Cincinnati and located drugs, some of which was ready for sale, and a shotgun after executing 24 search warrants. From Whyalla they travelled to Forrest, a popular refuelling stop more than 1100km east of Perth, near the South Australian border. New Zealands previous largest drug bust was in 2016, when 501kg of methamphetamine was seized in Northland, including 449kg from a camper van and 52kg found buried at Ninety Mile Beach. It was a sweet deal for somebody living off the generosity of friends and family. His associates would readily take his word for it,' an AFP investigator added. A bankrupt and former nightclub bouncer from Bankstown well into his 30s, Santos had spent a few months before the bust flying passengers across the country in his Aztec in a bid to meet the minimum flying hours required to obtain a commercial pilot's licence. You can rely on Stuffs journalists to question the decision-makers, interview experts, and use eyewitness reporting to answer your key questions with facts and context. "It takes years to build these networks. Five unexpected signs in your 20s and 30s you're at risk of developing heart disease later in life. 'The FBI had the lead on this. 'There will be people out there who think they're okay, because they weren't on the AN0M platform. Inside the vehicle was a man and a woman and allegedly more than 30kg of deadly methylamphetamine. Four men arrested in New Zealand's biggest drug bust have . Pilots wondered why it sat there, rusting, and told tall stories about where it came from. Wed, 16 June 2021 2:00AM Five members face charges over a fatal bikie brawl at Sydney Airport last year. On Monday, more than 300 New Zealand police staff involved in the operation executed 37 search warrants across the North Island. Former Bachelorette star Samuel Minkin, who appeared on Becky and Elly Miles' season of the dating show, was charged with possessing a large commercial quantity of cannabis after police stopped a van in Byron Bay last month, Hakan Ayik (pictured) was tricked into distributing messages to criminal associates, Hakan Ayik has spent the last decade living a lavish lifestyle in Turkey. Senior members of the Comancheros in Waikato, Waikato Mongrel Mob and the Head Hunters were among those arrested. Please try again later. The near year-long operation came to a climax on Sunday and Monday when detectives swarmed on multiple properties across Broadbeach Waters, Gaven, Tamborine, Rochdale, Steiglitz, Cleveland, Holland Park, Capalaba, Caboolture, Mount Nathan and Rockhampton. Pictured: one man being arrested by AFP officers, A tradie is seen kneeling with his hands tied behind his back after being arrested following raids, A luxury Ducati motorcycle was among the hundreds of items seized by AFP officers during raids as part of Operation Ironside. "Turn the engine off and get out of the aircraft.". Alleged crooks even paid six-monthly subscription fees to the police - the money only further reinforcing law enforcement methods. Three years ago, Australia Federal Policeidentified Ayik as a key influencer to successfully distribute the encrypted AN0M devices due to his high status in the criminal underworld. That may have been an in-joke - as all the supposedly self-destructing messages sent on the app was radically open to the Australian Federal Police to read. Pictured: ammunition seized by authorities, Operation Ironside foiled 21 murder plots and seized more than three tonnes of drugs, $35.8 million in cash, 72 firearms and 1650 devices with the encrypted app. Acting Detective Inspector John Brunton outlines a major police operation targeting MDMA distribution (Video first published on October 29, 2020). Get the news you want delivered to your inbox. 'Sadly, criminal gangs are targetingAustralia because it is one of themost profitable countries in theworld to sell drugs, and for threeyears, this operation has been overt.'. Alleged criminals were tricked into sending messages to their criminal associates around the world via the encrypted messaging app, 'AN0M'. A 33-year-old man from the Comanchero bikie gang was identified by police as the alleged principal offender who engaged in the trafficking and supply of drugs along with other associates. He is due to appear in Cleveland Magistrates Court on January 20. 51K views, 164 likes, 10 loves, 53 comments, 86 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from 7NEWS Sydney: 7NEWS can reveal the bust is linked to exiled bikie Mark Buddle of the Comancheros. "We've got the president - there was actually a structure in place - there are a number of other people that we are waiting to see when and if they will be patched, and that was going to happen (this) weekend," WA Serious and Organised Crime Division Superintendent Jim Migro told reporters on Friday. But intelligence information gleaned from the police operation revealed the plan to investigators and police swooped. Hayden Burber, 33,alleged treasurer of the South Australian Comanchero, Christian Taumoefolau, 31, allegedSergeant-at-Arms of the Victorian Comanchero, Eren Kaya, 28, alleged Sergeant-at-Arms from Victoria, Muhammed Topal,25, Victorian-based brother of high-ranking Comanchero figure Hasan Topal, Emmanuel Vamvoukais, 40, alleged sergeant-at-arms of the NSW South Coast, Elias Elchaar, 49, alleged national sergeant-at-arms of the Lone Wolf gang, The comments below have not been moderated, By At least one major gang hit back at police yesterday - labelling the operation a smear campaign. ", Witnesses sought following assault, Hastings"Police are seeking witnesses to an assault, International police operation: How the gangs were brought to their knees - NZ Herald. But during his trial in the WA District Court, Judge Christopher Stevenson said the duo had played a "dangerous game of Russian Roulette" trying to incriminate each other, "the last refuge of a desperate man to avoid any criminal liability". There's obviously a lot more work to do, there's still a lot offshore who we're looking at as well,' National Anti-Gangs Squad, Detective Superintendent Jason McArthur, said. New details about a massive WA drug bust which led to the arrest of former Comanchero bikie Mohammed Oueida can be revealed for the first time. He was denied bail and will reappear in court next week. The country's Federal Police released pictures of the wealth, firepower and even taste in gangster movies of those arrested during sweeping raids across the country, the U.S., Britain andwider Europe after the alleged criminals were covertly monitored for three years using an encrypted communication app called 'AN0M'. The plane that spurred the downfall of one of Australia's largest drug syndicates was sold at auction in May. Other eastern states-based bikie gangs the Finks and Rock Machine (formerly the Nomads) have established themselves in WA in the past 18 months. However, it seems few alleged criminals in the sights of law enforcement did a cursory Google search into the 'encrypted' phone and app platform. . A man shot dead during the horrific Wieambilla terror attack has been posthumously bestowed the highest honour. He is due to appear in Cleveland Magistrates Court on Tuesday. 'I can't comment on what's happening overseas at the moment, but I think I could probably assure everyone that the AFP and its partners are definitely exploiting the Ironside information, and the networks that we've identified, and we're actively targeting some of these Comanchero members offshore,' Superintendent McArthur said. Mr Kershaw said detectives witnessed associates 'turning on each other' and doing business behind each other's backs. On its glitzy website, the 'ANoM' phone looks like any new tech innovation with sleek black lines, 'invite only' exclusivity and a pledge to 'enforce your right to privacy'. Williams said the group had planned to import "huge quantities" of meth and cocaine into New Zealand on a mothership, which would be met by smaller craft at sea and the drugs ferried back to shore for distribution. Watch and listen to a variety of WA true crime series, video channels and podcasts with commentary on news, politics and current affairs. Large-scale operations of this nature create enormous disruption and paranoia within organised crime groups because it breaks down their communication channels that they use to evade law enforcement detection.". Police have arrested 12 people, including senior members of the Comancheros and Rebels gangs, as part of an operation targeting the drug trade. 23:02 EST 13 Nov 2021. Members of the Rebels gang have been arrested after police searched 24 properties on Wednesday. Former Bachelorette star Samuel Minkin, who appeared on Becky and Elly Miles' season of the dating show, was charged with possessing a large commercial quantity of cannabis after police stopped a van in Byron Bay last month. More charges are expected to be laid as Australian Federal Police work their way through the 25 million messages intercepted by the encrypted app. , started in 2018 with a fake encrypted communication app developed in partnership with the FBI. Police have charged 224 alleged offenders with 525 charges, shut down six clandestine laboratories and acted on 21 threats to kill, including saving a family of five. But after the deal fell through, Mr Pavlinovic, who buys and sells everything from jet engines to power tools, dismantled the plane to sell it for parts to the highest bidder. "This shipment never made it to New Zealand.". A 10-month investigation targeting an alleged bikie network in Brisbane connected to the notorious Comanchero gang has led to the arrest of 42 people on nearly 430 charges and the seizure of nearly $2m in drugs, cash and property. He invested his proceeds of crime in hotel and resort developments while living a lavish lifestyle that extended to flashy cars and private yachts. Fronting media in Auckland, Williams said the FBI had recently dismantled several encrypted platforms which criminals used to communicate, including Canadian-based Phantom Secure in 2018 and Sky Global earlier this year. It's GRAYGATE! Buddle was last known to be in Iraq and Ayik is believed to be still living in Turkey and is hiding from underworld figures after he was outed as one of the 'influencers' who unwittingly spread the AN0M encrypted device. "Ah, we have an issue here," Detective Morrish said as he peeked inside the bag. About five kilograms of the drug was found hidden in a car being transported to Perth from Sydney, while a search of 13 premises in Perth overnight turned up a further 210g. Only five per cent of encrypted messages sent by criminals in Australia use the Anom platform - but Mr Morrison said suspects will now be living in fear ahead of further sting operations. They had taken 15 vacuum-sealed bags filled with 30,000 MDMA tablets and more than 20 plastic bags containing almost 22 kilograms of methylamphetamine off the streets and, although they did not know it at the time, they had kick-started one of the largest law enforcement operations in Australian history. Steve Milenkovski, 32, of Tuart Hill, Yavuz Ozan, 31, of Kogarah, NSW, and Hao Bi, 26, of East Perth, appeared in East Perth Magistrates Court charged with a range of offences related to the overnight raid. The uniformed police found the drugs hidden under a pillowcase in the black sports bag Micalizzi had brought with him. "WA police," a robust voice said firmly from the other side of the metal. Police said they were both running drug distribution networks in their cities. Police said they had seized drugs some of which had been packaged ready for sale along with more than $200,000 in cash and a shotgun. 'That's what we're doing. International drug syndicate Sinaloa cartel was helping Auckland gang Comancheros, police reveal It wasn't long until the Comanchero announced their arrival, as first revealed by the Herald. He is due to appear in Southport Magistrates Court on November 22. 'I have amessage for the criminals targetingAustralia and Australia's interests- the AFP will be relentless,' Mr Kershaw said. Santos claims he had no knowledge of any drugs being transported on the plane and maintains there was no forensic evidence linking him to the bag. Police said the nine-month investigation, run by the National Organised Crime Group, targeted a core group that are alleged to be involved in the importation, distribution and manufacture of methamphetamine and MDMA, and other drugs in the two cities. Led by the FBI, and co-ordinated with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, Australian Federal Police, Europol and other law enforcement partners from more than a dozen countries, the covert operation involved investigators infiltrating encrypted devices used by transnational criminals. 'It's like having The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) sponsoring your gym. CULVER CITY, Calif. (KABC) -- Authorities made one of the largest drug busts in Los Angeles County history recently, seizing meth and cocaine with a street value of nearly $60 million, officials say. Mildura Comancheros boss Joshua Faulkhead, 39, pleaded guilty to charges related to trafficking of the drugs ice, cocaine and ecstasy, as well as blackmail and causing injury. We want to reduce the harm these gangs are causing in our communities, he said. Police and Customs managed to intercept more than 600kg of methamphetamine at Auckland Airport. It is being credited with catching underworld figures, mafia personalities and terror suspects planning not only major drug imports but cold blooded executions. They paid for the fuel and he built up his hours. Now living in Turkey, he was tricked into distributing messages to his criminal associates around the world via encrypted communications app AN0M, unaware it was being run by FBI special agents. BBC's 1million star Zoe Ball, 52, lands big new payday for Abba show on ITV. Crooks could buy a six month subscription to use the app - the funds raised unknowingly redirected to the police.

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