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2023      Mar 14

Sadly, he ended his life with one of his own revolvers. The demand of new SMITH WESSON MODEL 3 SCHOFIELD pistol's has not changed over the past 12 months. As early as 1871, Schofield had been working on improvements to the S&W American that he felt would render it more suitable for military usage. A quick tip off to some fakes is the stamping of the company name. The more things change, the more they stay the same. They preferred the Colt partially because it was deemed to be more durable than the Model 3, especially during a pistol whipping. Smith & Wesson Grips Models 59, 459, 559 & 659. I don't have one of the 2000 Schofields, but the tabs on the latch of this 1st Model Schofield do not contact the cylinder when the gun is closed. They take me a long time just because I end up reading a lot and going down the rabbit hole of history, just to delete most of that stuff from the article anyway. The Smith & Wesson Model 3 was a single-action, cartridge-firing, top-break revolver produced by Smith & Wesson from circa 1870 to 1915, and was recently again offered as a reproduction by. That caliber is not on the forbidden caliber list and thus considered an antique even though ammunition is readily available on the internet. The combination of quick reload-ability and big .45-caliber power made them popular with lawmen, outlaws, and others who were serious about their sidearms. SCHOFIELD Revolver One of only 650 Second Model CIVILIAN Scofields Here we present a rare antique Smith & Wesson Second Mod, This is a S&W Second Model S.A. Schofield 45 with SN 8771 but unfortunately it does not have matching numbers. The "Schofields" were six-shot, single-action revolvers with 7" ribbed barrels, a square butt profile and . A fellow up here in Wyoming was looking into duplicating the M&H revolvers. This particular one is a First Model Schofield (s/n 273) manufactured in 1875. so expensively wrong. You have to think as a gunsmith, machinist and businessman all at once. US government arsenals supplied .45 Schofield cartridges for the Schofield revolver and the Colt Army revolver to simplify their armament needs.[1]. There are no instructions, no documentation. Smith & Wesson .38 Military & Police Victory Model Grips. Too many people think in terms of only what the CNC machine can do, and what tooling they can buy. The list of past owners of Smith & Wesson No. Although Smith & Wesson is best known for its. This cartridge was originally designed as a black powder round. Recently donated by NRA Board member Tom Selleck, this Schofield was used in the movie "Crossfire Trail" and today can be seen in the galleries of the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va. It could be used in both the Schofield and the Colt 45 Peacemaker, but the .45 Colt was too long to use in the Schofield. ah, well. Manufacturer: Uberti However, the .38SPL is only one of the chamberings offered by Taylors & Company. Gotta pay attention to voltage and amperage numbers.). Famous lawman Bill Tilghman and Frank McLowery of O.K. Unfortunately, modern has come to mean semi automatic these days The first slightly cocked position is how it was designed to be carried. Today 02:49 AM by Toyman. So Im not expecting to see a decent M&H replica revolver in my lifetime. But they didnt hurt much either, as the tiny amount of recoil exhibited from the three-pound revolver just didnt move the gun enough to matter. She had no issues at all, other than it was a little heavy for her. Most of mine are the smaller .38S&W and .32S&W calibers, but a few years back I found an S&W New Model #3 Target in .44 Russian. Other Schofields went to state militias. Some of them Ive figured out by looking them over for a half-hour and memorizing them and then, one day, Ill be working on something and Ill say Ohhhhhhhhhh. Mr. Taylor, 2921, circa 1875, .38 caliber 7 inch barrel with fluted . Product no. Because of the original design by Smith and Wesson, the Schofield is somewhat heavier on the end than say a sing-action-army style revolver. Washington, D.C. Email powered by MailChimp (Privacy Policy & Terms of Use), International Media Interoperability Framework. & CO EX stamped in uneven individual letters should raise immediate suspicion. He wrote to Smith & Wesson with his ideas, including moving the barrel latch to the frame, as well as a single-toothed spring and a cam released that snapped the extractor/ejector back down when that tooth made contact with the lower strop. Accurate with a fast reload and good looks. Many saw service in the Indian Wars, though they were reported in use as late as the Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection. Whenever I see a professional head shot poster I look closely in the models eyes. The .44 Smith & Wesson American cartridge was externally lubricated (like .22 rimfire ammunition we see nowadays, especially target ammunition with waxed bullets). The MSRP for pearl grips is actually $1,859! Sights: Blade Front, Rear sight on back of barrel Ive always thought that if I fell into the way back machine, a 5 barrel Scofield would be my carry piece. Instead, S&W offered to redesign the military cartridge to a .45-caliber round that would function in both types of revolvers. Traded for a mint colt 4 in diamond back. -Smith & Wesson 1911 Grips. Donation Points system. Many of the surplus Schofield revolvers were purchased by dealers such as Bannerman and Schuyler, Hartley & Graham. Thats at least 3 ARs, or eleventy dozen Hi-Points. This is how we come to have the idea of the .45 Long Colt There actually isnt such a thing, the term was coined simply to differentiate between the .45 Colt and the shorter .45 Schofield. But mostly, Im just slow and I always have been. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for FITS: Smith & Wesson Schofield 1875 7" Uberti Taylors Western Leather Holster at the best online prices at eBay! You should have seen it out of the box! Both the revolver and the cartridge were named after a major who thought that the model 3 would make for quicker reloads for calvarymen on the move. (Getting consistent coloring is the tough part. We may update this record based on further research and review. I dont think the screws are color cased. Many Schofields were issued to active units, reportedly including the 4th, 9th, and 10th Cavalry. But only a few thousandths. We apologize for the interruption. You will find these Uberti replicas of the Smith & Wesson No. I could have probably gotten one in a 38 for $350 but I stopped bidding,,, Lots of folks were after the modern handguns,,, I had to have the star worked on for $60 and it works great,,, Gunsmith is wanting me to put a price on it for him but, Im hanging on to it for now,, Two months later another auction came with another 350 firearms give or take a few,,, Might try to convince my wife its a necessity for family defense, Its the only weapon to use on those wayward robots from Westworld. Theodore Rooseveldts Smith & Wesson is preserved at the NRA National Firearms Museum. Midwest Gun Works Gunsmiths can offer you the knowledge and skill that your Smith & Wesson firearm deserves. Today 01:58 AM by outdoorsdad. Too many think: Oh, we buy a CNC machine, some CAD/CAM software, a computer, hire a couple of machinists and wha-la! Glad to see its paying off. The Schofield was a variant of the Model 3 that was chambered in .45 S&W Schofield in order to try to get the US cavalry to buy them. They likely made it to a lot more places than on that short list. My hands were on bags, my arms were on bags, and my chest was leaning in and against the bench. 3 Model of 1875. posted by Toyman 02-06-2023. Our price: Quantity: Buy now. All of the screws on the frame are colored a beautiful blue. With a flick of the wrist, the break-open revolver never failed to eject all cases cleanly. But the .38 special is likely the best all around handgun cartridge on the market. 3 American. . Other than the Unique making the nickel finish filthy, I never had any issues with reliability in any way. He told me to look for a History Channel special this summer called "Found". These guns would become known to collectors as 1st Model Schofield revolvers. The only thing I did to pimp my revolver was to change out the wooden grips for after-market hard rubber ones. Like Colt and Remington, Smith & Wesson realized the West was a place where bigger definitely was better and built the Schofield to fire potent .45 projectiles. Its probable that some of the guns sold to state militias had been previously issued to regular army units. As to replica Old West revolvers, Im really waiting for somebody to produce a decent replica of the Merwin & Hulbert Army model (3rd variation or later, preferably in stainless or nickle-plate). But infantry commanders argued that the soldiers didnt use their sidearms much, rarely had need to fire more than six shots, and the Colts accuracy was good enough to get the job done. Theyre not as strong. HOME Our Story Who we are 3s original cartridge the .44 Smith & Wesson American however. A torch also works well in turning Ti into different colors. Out there. I can safely say this one is very much on the durable side. Click for more info Seller: Alligood's Area Code: 478 $2,495.00 Schofield Second Model .45 Schofield GI#: 102108077 Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 3 Schofield 2000 in excellent plus overall condition. Id love to own a similar piece someday. This was problematic for Smith & Wesson as the cylinder of the No. The day finally came for me to drop a grand. Which, for those of us who are revolver fans, is how we like to see cylinders turn: into the window or clockwise. Checkered grip for Schofield. I found a sucker and. In double action the trigger is horrible but single action it feels like a model 3. I looked around for real mother of pearl grips and, although they are about $100, they are only about $100. 3 Schofield was a superior design, the Colt SAA got the government contracts.". The Uberti replicas of the Smith & Wesson No. The Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 is a high-quality modern reproduction of the original Schofield's first introduced circa 1870. The vast majority of the 9,000 guns went to the U.S. Army. thats what he was thinking. In cowboy action shooting, that time would be good enough to keep me from getting laughed off the range, mostly due to the kind nature of the folks that attend those events. Smith & Wesson handguns are reliable and safe to use when the basic firearm safety rules are followed. The United States Army contracted a total of over 5 000 Schofields with 7-1/2 barrel lengths. The Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver, .45 caliber, was manufactured from 1875 to 1878. And many of those generals in charge at the time were likely grunts during the civil war, and had a fare share of hand to hand experience from battles like the Bloody Angle. 3 design and it became so popular that the U.S. Army ordered 8000 of the Schofield No. Used URBEA Hermany (Spanish Copy) .45 schofield, Double-Action Revolver, 5" Barrel Black Grips, Patinaed Frame, No Box. $6.99 shipping. Give a Joe something he can break and he will. 3 top break single action revolver was used by lawmen and outlaws and a great many people who were sort of in between from its inception in 1869 right up into the twentieth century. MSRP: $1,522.00. So how many actually got delivered in total? I think I was in love. This interesting and very functional pistol was designed by Major George Schofield. The Smith & Wesson Model 3 is a single-action, cartridge-firing, top-break revolver produced by Smith & Wesson (S&W) from around 1870 to 1915, and was recently again offered as a reproduction by Smith & Wesson and Uberti. NO RESERVE!! Caliber: .38SP, .44-40, .45LC When the well-worn Schofields were declared surplus, Wells Fargo stepped up to purchase these revolvers, shortened their barrels and issued them for many years to their agents and employees. The Model 12, as many know, was a very nice pump shotgun released by Winchester in 1912 through 1914. 3's, and many were used by the 4th Cavalry in the Geronimo campaign and by the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry. Thanks for doing reviews of pretty guns. I Wish for a top break big bore short barrel revolver There also appears to be a slight thickening of the top strap over the originals, I assume in order to accommodate the larger .45 Colt. He has studied the Japanese sword arts and has a long history of involvement in the shooting sports, which has included authoring submissions to government on various firearms related issues and assisting in the design and establishment of shooting ranges. Sherriff Pat Garret, the man who killed Billy the Kid was known to carry and use the Schofield patented pistol, as was Texas outlaw John Wesley Hardin and even President Theodore Roosevelt. You have entered an incorrect email address! Smith & Wesson S&W Pistol Gun Case Storage Handgun Box Plastic With Lock & Keys. The Smith and Wesson Model No. Unfortunately for Smith & Wesson, the Russians loved the design enough that they copied it and refused to pay formostof the orders already made to the czars specifications. I shot it an hour later. Featured-rich and enhanced for better performance, our firearms maintain production line integrity. You can buy some gun tooling (eg, from Brownells), but theres tons of gun tooling a gunmaker or gunsmith has to make, because it cannot be purchased. 2: 459: Ruger Revolvers, H&K VP9LE, Ruger American 45acp. History In 1870, the United States Army adopted the 44 calliber Smith and Wesson American top break revolver, being the first standard issue cartridge firing revolver. At the topof the simple V notchare deep horizontal grooves and a deep oval cut for your thumb. I just didnt realize how precise that really was. And thanks. You May Also Be Interested In. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Its actually heavier than that, measuring at 3lbs 10oz. As a company, they chose the Schofield as their sidearm of choice, buying hundreds of the revolvers and shortening the barrel of many of them down to five inches for ease of concealment and carry. Im half of a mind to make one myself one day not for production, but just to say I did it. Jul 12, 2020. Feb 9, 2019 If want to shoot one would get the Uberti, and are around 900-1000. A RARE US .45 SMITH & WESSON SCHOFIELD FIRST MODEL REVOLVER, SERIAL NO. Last edited on 24 February 2023, at 02:36,, This page was last edited on 24 February 2023, at 02:36. They lady was okay looking too. All good firearms and I like dealing with the friendly folks that work for them. At no time did the gun fail to fire or cycle. The .45 Schofield or .45 Smith & Wesson is a revolver cartridge developed by Smith & Wesson for their S&W Model 3 American top-break revolver. Weight: 3.5=2.85 lbs, 5=2.90 lbs, 7=2.97 lbs Best. The .45 Schofield, also referred to as .45 Smith & Wesson is a revolver cartridge developed by Smith & Wesson for their S&W Model 3 Schofield top-break revolver. After my second shot at 25 yards using Remingtons 130gr FMJ UMC round on a paper, target I was genuinely confused. This interesting and very functional pistol was designed by Major George Schofield. Not long after, much of the public did the same thing, having their barrels modified from the cavalrys original seven inches down to five. Most of those guns were almost certainly sold to other cavalry officers, and as a result Schofield started to build a foundation of support for the Smith & Wesson design. Schofield Second Model 5" .45 Schofield At this time, we do not sell or ship firearms to NY, NJ, CA, or HI. For low pressure loads theyre fine. 7 INCH BARREL Free shipping for many products! SMITH & WESSON BIG FRAME SINGLE ACTION SPRINGS: MAINSPRING (fits old old model Russian-1st model American-2nd model American for Schofield shorten base approx. Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson Model: 3 Schofield Type: Revolver Gauge: 45 Schofield Barrel: 7 inch solid rib Finish: blue Grip: walnut Stock: Item Views: 6203 Item Interest: Very Active Serial Number: Catalog Page: 68 Class: Antique Description: Jesse James was known to carry two pistols on him, one a Colt and one a Schofield. The combined genius of these two men and later their heirs created one of the most successful handgun manufacturers of all time. He was granted patents for these modifications on June 20th, 1871 and April 22, 1873, as all S&W Model 3 Schofields after that would be marked until the end of their production. Wrong. Like the others, part of this accuracy comes from good sights, a long sight radius, and a great trigger. Still some of the most gruesome fighting in American history. I had several people fire this revolver, including a new shooter at The Range at Austin, a 9-year-old girl who had never shot a gun in her life. : SCH-003 . Although the United States Army would end up ordering thousands of the guns over time, as would several other countries, it was the Czar of Russia that really got the ball rolling. Our collection database is a work in progress. Check to compare Smith & Wesson 640 357 Mag Revolver 2.12" Barrel. Thats one of the many reasons its so popular to this day. Apparently the Smith & Wessons two-piece frame had a tendency to come apart when used as a bludgeon, whereas the Colt remained togethera big win for the Colt. Upon release, the muzzle swings down, and the extractor comes up, pushing all of the cases up. The Tsar ordered forty thousand of the new revolver but the order was done in stages. Jon made reference to the Armys preference for the SAA based on the superior ability to bludgeon someone with the SAA and still have a useable firearm after doing so. When the Army began to adopt modern side-loading double-action revolvers, the M1887 round gave occasional ejection trouble, and was replaced in Army use by the M1909 .45 Colt cartridge. Many of these guns were chambered in 44 Russian which is a like a short .44 Special. He also suggested making the rear sight integral to the latch. I have all manner of widgets for sporterizing a Mauser 98 action, more workholding for a Rem700 style action, tools to hold a bolt in a lathe, and dozens of hand-ground high speed steel cutting tools for the lathe to do a specific job. It would be hard to do such a storied horsemans sidearm justice, but in every way, this Italian-made Uberti replica does just that. It's a Uberti version of the Schofield, in 45 Colt. Reintroduced in 2000. The extractor extracted the cases and then snapped back into place ready for new cartridges to be reloaded. RARE CIVILIAN Antique SMITH & WESSON 2nd Model .45 Cal. This was found acceptable, and 3,000 S&W Schofields were initially ordered in 1875. Its possible that some of the Schofields in private hands were chambered on custom order in .38-40 Winchester, but I can find no actual examples of that chambering. Between 12th and 14th Streets Nickel plating can be pretty and durable, or pretty and easily chipped. The Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 Revolver. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Richard Nahas has conducted extensive research on Smith & Wesson and is a member of the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association and, at the 1994 National Rifle Association's national convention, won an award for his "Smith & Wesson: The Martial Arms" display. 3 at Ubertis website if you click here. Now I think that Ill wait a little longer. The most dangerous thing in the military is a two and a half ton truck with 18yo Joe driving. The most obvious of these consisted of changing the latch from barrel mounted to frame mounted. . My only beef with the screws is that theyd look better if they were timed. LongPopLuck 2 yr. ago. One interested US military man was Major George W. Schofield who asked for a revolver to evaluate it for cavalry use. Its believed that all authentic Wells Fargo Schofields known to date have serial numbers under 6000. These have been called San Francisco Police Schofields. As fancy as this gun looks, many originals were just the same. It really is a wonderful round for accuracy shooting in a revolver low recoil, low noise, easy to shoot, lots of bullet types available. Mine have the wooden grips I may have to consider a grip change I love the way they look. Smith & Wesson must have had a what a good idea moment and the new cartridge was created and came to be known as the .44 Russian. Smith & Wesson's Schofield Revolver by NRA Staff posted on August 11, 2009 News, Handguns, Revolvers Support NRA American Rifleman DONATE The West definitely wasn't the exclusive province of just. Florida, Maine, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania received fewer than seven guns each. While the Colt Model 601 was the first AR-15 to be mass-produced, there were several design variations that came before during the platform's development. The grips on this short run release are a synthetic resin made to look like mother of pearl. It was hard to give this one back, and I have little doubt Ill end up picking one up at some point. I really enjoyed this gun, but the sights being slightly off kept it out of my 5-star category. As John Taffin once said at a S&W Collectors Association meeting in Boise -Im not a Smith&Wesson collector, Im a Smith&Wesson accumulator., remember having a top-break cap gun when I was a kidused to take those circular six-shot paper caps, Can you tell me what the letters on the wooden pistol grips are on the Taylors & co. Uberti 1875 no 3 2nd model are? Available in dozens of calibers and frame sizes for concealed carry, home . Discussion: When most people . I. For instance, how many Schofields were actually delivered to the army? If somebody decides to go for it and can overcome the complicated machining, I expect that it would cost about $1,500 or more. The result was catastrophic, almost bankrupting Smith & Wesson. It would be hard to do such a storied horseman's sidearm justice, but in every way, this Italian-made Uberti replica does just that. Originally made in 1870, the top-break Model 3 has the distinction of being the first cartridge revolver to become standard issue in the US Army. I always liked the top break action. The gun is just too accurate, too easy to shoot, and too much fun not to own one. Smith & Wessons No. Uberti make their replicas of the Smith & Wesson No. I build , rebuild etc specializing in revolvers. [except the price!].. I later heard that Uberti (in Italy) was considering manufacturing a M&H replica, but nothing came of it. Plus a bit extra. Western Gun Leather Holster Uberti Taylor Cimarron Smith & Wesson Schofield 5 1/2 inch barrel BigTexasLeatherWorks (3,389) $24.00 More colors Uberti Schofield 7"Western Single Action Leather Holster SkilletCreek (251) $82.00 Custom Cowboy Holster - Schofield Revolver 5 inch or 7 inch franklinwendy (1,027) $190.79 FREE shipping Usually can see the photographer and often the lights and reflectors they used. Unfortunately, whenever a relatively simple marking adds interest and value to a gun, there is a temptation to forgery. They were the operators of 1890. After Winchester got through proving the design and making about 30 prototypes, when the corporate decision was made to go for it, they spent a year tooling up to make the initial Model 12, and another year tooling up for the other gauges. Jesse James carried serial number 366, and serial number 273 is reported to have been used by a James Gang member, possibly Jesse. 3 revolvers reads like a roll of the royalty of Americas wild west and includes Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp (who used one during the OK Corral gunfight with the Clanton gang), Pat Garrett, Lil Miss Sure Shot Annie Oakley, and 26th President of the United States Theodore Rooseveldt. Jim Supica runs Old Town Station Ltd. Auction & Antique Arms and has authored numerous articles on gun collecting. The Model 3 was used throughout the American West, as well as in several American wars, all the way up into the 20th century. Quantity: Buy now. What more would you want? You can get them in .38 Special, .44-40 and .45 Colt. This is where I relate the cost of producing the Winchester Model 12. Schofields were used by the U.S. Army for only a few years before being sold as surplus on the civilian market and used in the West by Wells Fargo express agents and many others. No Serial Number WE DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY $30 Shippin, RARE CIVILIAN Antique SMITH & WESSON 2nd Model .45 Cal. Springfield Research Service reports that some Schofields were apparently still in service with volunteer units in 1898 during the Spanish American War. SCHOFIELD Revolver One of only 650 Second Model CIVILIAN Scofields, Smith & Wesson Schofield Revolver .45 Schofield, Used URBEA Hermany (Spanish Copy) .45 5" Barrel. There are a few different folks online that can create them just for this revolver. Such is its popularity that some gun enthusiasts who are not familiar with the older S&W . Bat Masterson, writing about what made the Old Western gunmen so dangerouos, ranked quickness with a gun third, behind deliberation/coolness under pressure (#1) and accuracy (#2). Their investigators were, in particular, seen as the professional gunslingers of the day. The Smith & Wesson Schofield (usually pronounced SKO-field rather than SHOW-field) revolver is probably the best known by the general public of any of the Model Threes, and the one most associated with the Old West in the collective American imagination. Reliability * * * * * Even so, with the .44-40 or hot .45LC loads suitable for close range hunting, recoil would be very manageable, even by the inexperienced shooter. 9mm Pistol. There was only one man who was not only spared such mutilation, but his body was covered with a buffalo robe, which the Indians could not really afford to spare, since this was the Moon of the Strong Cold with temperatures down to about -20F: Adolph Metzger, the bugler for the 2nd Cav. Welcome to the Smith and Wesson Gun Parts section of .45 Colt (left) alongside the .45 Schofield cartridge. Russian General Alexander Gorloff who was the military attach at the Russian embassy in Washington approached Smith & Wesson early in the revolvers production expressing his governments interest in purchasing quantities of the revolver but expressing reservations about the cartridge it was chambered for. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. Smith & Wesson 1902 M&P, 1st Model, Round Butt Grips. A medium size was reportedly marked by the Chicago office, with a large size numeral being the scarcest. You can read of the big picture issues of this battle, known to the Indians as The Hundred-in-the-Hand. I shot the heck of the gun, shooting the first 100 rounds all my own hand loads in about three hours time and it got dirty. The Schofield was quite a popular handgun in the old west, and may have been used by General Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Long before the Gucci GLOCK, shooters from all walks of life were fancying up their guns, I can find quite a few photos of old revolvers with mother of pearl grips, including ones used in the saddle by working lawmen. The S was dropped from the company name in 1898, and guns are found marked both ways, suggesting the period of use. For most of my groups, there was relatively little horizontal spread where the rounds would lay. The Russians had realized that they could get their own arms factory at Tula to manufacture Smith & Wessons No. Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers are single-action top-break cartridge revolvers named after Major George W. Schofield who redesigned the locking mechanism of the S&W Model No. Jon has done radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews on various issues, and has traveled extensively, having lived in Britain, Australia, China and Hong Kong. A little more force and the barrel tips back at the shooter, the cylinder comes forward, and all of the cases fly out in front of the shooter. I dont want to touch off the caliber wars. Includes Smith & Wesson Performance Center factory wooden display case. It had the shorter case of the Schofield and the reduced rim of the Colt round; as it was short enough to fit the Schofield, and its rim was not needed for the rod-ejector Single Action Army, the M1887 would fire and eject from both revolvers.[3]. $22.79. The S&W Model No. It was produced in several variations and subvariations, including both the "Russian" model, so named because it was . There is very little recoil. Im just not a visual person. The .45 Schofield cartridge was shorter than the .45 Colt. Likely with the walnut grips and chambered in .45 Colt. Top breaks really do it for me but the only one Ive got is a Webley. The key word in that last sentence is try. I read about them but have never seen one. 3 was not long enough to accommodate the .45 Colt cartridge. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The guns were marked by the company on the right side of the under barrel ejector housing by stamping over the Schofield patent. As an example of a battle where anything in hand became a weapon, let me take you to a Battle in Red Clouds War, the Fetterman Massacre, which occurred in north central Wyoming (about halfway between Buffalo and Sheridan, just west of I-90 you can ask for it in Google Maps) which happened on 21 December 1866. You can legally mail order them. Then I went out an purchased the estate of a deceased gunsmith. One of the said improvements was a redesigned locking system that made the gun easier to load while on horseback. Unsurprisingly, my hands were a little sweaty during a few of the courses of fire, and the smooth grips didnt help. Its a great look back into history at one of the competitors of the Colt, and one of the foundations of the Smith & Wesson legend as well. Between the two, there is plenty of space to see the target, but by aligning the base of the V rear with the front sight, a great deal of precision is possible.

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